what is a walk out basement?

what is a walk out basement? A daylight basement is generally found in a house situated on a slope that includes a doorway walkout to the yard from the portion of the basement above ground. Most subterranean basements lack a walk-out, but HomeCover can help design one into your basement plans to be added by a company experienced in basement foundation work such as underpinning. Together we can evaluate the kind of Walk-Out required based on the layout of the Basement, and the terrain of the property. In some cases a complete staircase may be added to the foundation to allow walk-out access to the ground level.



A Walk-out (walkout) or basement entrance may be a legal requirement of a secondary suite or basement rental unit.  Or you may just want to ensure true separation between your tenants and your living space above.


Alternately a walk-out can add value and accessibility to a personal use basement, increasing the use of potentially un-used basement space.  A basement entrance increases the year round usability of your basement allowing easy access to a BBQ, or for children to move freely from a playroom to the outside.

A separate basement entrance is perfect for a home office, or to allow deliveries without tracking dirt and debris through your home.  And a walk-out will add to the resale value of your home, should you decide to sell.


When creating a walkout basement on an existing home, you’ll want to make sure:


  • Your contractor has broad basement experience that includes permitted structural builds of Second Suites, Underpinning, and Walk-Out construction
  • Waterproofing protection is incorporated during the construction process
  • Foundation support is maintained to accommodate the new access point
  • The design suits your existing hom


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