Smart Home lighting devices & Apps

Smart Home lighting devices & Apps for Canadian homes

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As technology is always changing and improving, and we are now at a point where “smart” technology has integrated into every aspect of our lives, with the centre being our smartphones.

That being said, we can also turn our lovely home into a smart home, as the majority of our household devices: doors, sounds, curtains and blinds, hydro and lighting is controlled by smarthome apps.

With lighting being one of the most important features of every home, smart lighting apps are available to help take your home lighting situation up a notch.

Benefits of Smart Home Lighting Devices & Mobile apps

we always stays up-to-date with the latest in home lighting. We will discuss the advantages of home lighting apps, and the available options on the market, so you can make use of this new technology for your home.

Energy saving for smart home

In addition to being more sustainable, using smart apps for home lighting will lighten the load on your wallet every month. When you can ensure that the lights in your home are lit only when they need to be, you can start seeing how this will have a positive affect on your bills.

Convenience for home owners

How many times have you been outside, or driving, and started to wonder if you had turned off all the lights, closed all the windows, or turn off all the taps? That happens to all of us, and the smart home apps really came to the rescue. You can now be away from home, but still checking on your security or simply lighting up the place to make it appear occupied, with just a few simple touches on your phone screen. Also, if you forget to turn something off, there’s no worry. You can do that remotely.

Easy accessibility

Accessibility is for everyone. And accessibility becomes more important and meaningful for the elderly, disabled, or anyone else who may have trouble around the house. The smart apps will enable your loved ones the ability to control and access their own environment with ease with a handheld touchscreen.

Alongside with the mentioned above advantages, having fewer controls boards or switches will free up some of your indoor living area, so you can do more with the unused space. This small change can really amp up the aesthetics of your home.

Lighting For Home Security

As part of custom home improvement, integrating a lighting system into your smart-grid home system can illuminate your indoor and outdoor lighting automatically to make your home more welcoming, inviting and safer. Ideally, your lighting system will be linked up conveniently with your door locks.

the homeowner can have a system that is customized to his needs. For example, the motion sensor board can be placed on the garage door, or by the entrance of the house, so the homeowner can turn on the light inside the house from the outside. This placement acts as a deterrent to intruders as it makes it look like the house is occupied while you are away.

At night, the homeowner can shut down all the lights, lock the doors, turn down the HVAC system and make sure that the garage doors are close just with a simple push button.

Lighting sensors and dimmers for smart home lighting

Lighting sensors and dimmers have been available for years, but now there are updated versions that are controlled by radio waves that link back to your smart home integration system.
The new lighting sensors and dimmers can be placed into your existing light switch outlets to turn the lights off and on or dim them depending on the time of day and how much natural light is coming in through your windows.

“They work especially well on remodeling projects where you may not be able to get into the walls to install wiring,”.

The radio-control sensors and dimmers can operate lights inside and outside your home, turning on landscape flood lighting as well as lights in your garage, kitchen or any room in your home. With the domination of smartphones and portable devices such as iPads and tablets, you can program them in your fully integrated system so the lights come on and turn off automatically at a preset time. For example, you can have the light comes on at 6:30AM and turn off when everyone is off to work or to school and comes on again when everyone is home for the night.


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