Plumbing Issues That Cannot Wait

Plumbing Issues That Cannot Wait

Plumbing Issues

What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

The most common plumbing problems are clogged drains and toilets, leaky faucets and pipes, water heater issues, low water pressure, and a running toilet.

You don’t realize how much you rely on plumbing until you start having issues. A dripping faucet here, a slow drain there — as your home ages, it’s natural to have some plumbing problems. Some of those issues are simple enough to DIY without much difficulty. Others come with some potential dangers and are better left to the professionals. Being aware of the common plumbing problems and solutions helps you know

Plumbing Issues

We often get phone calls at HomeCover from people in a panic because they are having major plumbing issues. Sometimes water is pouring out of the ceiling, other times a toilet flooding. Basements are another panic phone call, and rightly so. Water can quickly cause severe damage in your home. A phone call to a plumbing company is the right thing to do. Here at HomeCover we are going to outline a few problems that’s really cannot wait.when to grab your tool belt and when to call the plumber.

Your Main Drain

First things first, if your main drain floor drain in your basement has any water or sewage backing up, this is something that is an emergency. This means that there is a breach or a major block in the main waste pipe leading away from your house. This is one of those things that only gets worse and needs a plumber right away. Having water back up into your basement is bad enough. Having sewer water backup in your basement is a whole other story altogether. Apart from damaging and ruining walls and carpet, it is a major health hazard and needs to be assessed right away.

Hot Water Tank Leak

A leak at your hot water tank is also something that shouldn’t never wait. Hot water tanks are powered by electricity and/or gas and this and water is not a good combination. A hot water tank leak can also mean numerous other problems with your hot water tank and it definitely should be assessed by a plumber right away. Any leaking pipe actually should be assessed right away. Water leaking steadily into an enclosed area can cause major damage very quickly

Check Your Sump Pump

Having a sump pump that is not running properly is also a major red flag, especially in the springtime when there is huge water runoff coming. You should always check your sump pump to make sure that it is working properly is ready and up to the challenge of the winter thaw .

Overflowing Toilet

Another big one is a blocked or overflowing toilet. Though this one is okay to wait a day or so and not a dire emergency, you really should not let this one last a long time. If you’ve tried everything and you can’t unblock your toilet, you need to get a qualified plumber in there to help you out. Generally the contents that are inside the toilet and in the water are not very sanitary and they do need to be removed. Don’t wait on this one by just closing the lid and turning the water off and hoping it’s all going to go away.

If you have plumbing problems contact HomeCover. Whether you have toilet, pipe, drain, water heater or shower plumbing problems, we provide reliable service to correct your issues.



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