5 Ways Home Automation Can Help You Save Money

5 Ways Home Automation Can Help You Save Money

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With new developments in smart technologies, established appliance brands across the world are introducing new ways to make your life easier with home automation. Installing a new home automation system may seem like a big financial investment but it can definitely help you save money and time in the long run. Take a look at five ways these home automation technologies can help you save money

1. Fire & Water Damage Alert

Accidental water leaks in the basement, release of odourless Carbon Monoxide from fuel-burning appliances or sudden fires from your heating system can be detected and prevented in time if you have a home automation system. You can also connect it to the local fire department so if you’re out on vacation or running errands, your home automation will turn off water and gas and inform the authorities. A simple push notification will save your house from a disaster and expensive damages.

2. Helps Reduce Utility Bills

With smart appliances around your home, you can literally control various types of electronic appliances in your home with your fingertips. While sitting in the living room, you can dim the lights in the kitchen; if you feel any midnight chills, you can change the temperature from your bed; with motion sensors and remote controls for appliances you can reduce energy usage. Consider purchasing validated appliances to shrink your utility bills while protecting the planet.

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3. Insurance Benefits

A home automation system protects your home from accidental fire and water damage as well as from intruders. As it reduces the risk factor for your property, you get insurance benefits such as low premiums and easy accident claims. HomeCover can install an easy-to-use, personal-coded security system to protect your home throughout the year.

4. Prevents Excess Energy Loss

Some major home appliances such as TV, printer, home computer, coffee maker, phone charges, home theatre, computer modems and even popcorn popping microwave famously enjoy their nickname as ‘vampire appliances’. They consume electricity constantly even when not being used. A smart home automation system prevents these appliances from using phantom energy by switching them off or lowering their energy use by significant margins when they are in an idle mode.

5. Protects from Porch Pirates

Over the last year, Canadian homeowners have gotten used to online shopping and curbside deliveries. If you’re a big online shopper you may have heard

stories about porch pirates. These thieves sneakily steal the packages left on the front porches of houses. You can install a security camera and a small alarm system, to prevent your packages from getting stolen by these porch pirates the moment they enter your property. This system will keep an eye on your packages until you safely retrieve them.

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